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This proves that she is really an Indian princess. So everyone needs to go to a bookstore and buy her best selling book. Before Obama people knew what bathroom to use. And actually identified with there body parts. Now they are so confused they need to open the Hentai Japan Shirt bins back up. Aww, this couple seems so amazingly happy. Elizabeth Warren seems to be full of life and true and sincere. She has my vote. She gives me hope that change is possible.



May God continue blessing Ms. Warren and her family. I wasn't scared. I voted for him in his first term but then I didn't really support some of his policies. I felt like he was pulling the party too far left but I wasn't afraid of him. It wasn't troubling with a corrupt president, corrupt cabinet, AG, and the grim reaper. If you think there is nothing wrong with this I truly feel sorry for you. These five young people are working and fighting for the improvement of the environment, however they are doing their work without any publicity. This is the future of our world.

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