Driver Samurai Shirt

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Driver Samurai Shirt

Incidentally so does the Driver Samurai Shirt. Black violence in black communities against blacks is usually a result of problems within our, communities black on black crime not good it hurts us, but it is usually contained within our communities. White men with their automatic weapons, don't discriminate. That was fear no one should have to live with.



The pain I feel for his family knowing that he was afraid of dying and yet it came to pass. This place we call America the world is so cold no love for no one. If you do the right thing it cost your life. We expect these incidents to happen in third world countries but not in amerikkka where you cannot trust the government. This country is not free. Nothing in life is free. You have to pay a price. I understand because I don't want to misunderstand you nothing in life is free. You have to pay a price.

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